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Replacement bristles

Innovative technology

[New Toothbrush, New Experience]

The Orange Automatic Toothbrush uses eco-friendly hot-melt technology to make the toothbrush thinner, more comfortable, and to isolate harmful bacteria.

Two kinds of bristles: The toothbrush adopts the method of changing the brush piece. According to different needs, different brush pieces are installed, and the nylon bristles are deeply cleaned; the nano antibacterial bristles gently care for the gums.

The top of the bristles have been 100% rounded to make sure there are no sharp bristles. You do not have to worry that the Orange Automatic Toothbrush may hurt your gums.

The bristles of rich color material combination, soft bristles and brush of different hardness can also be combined at will, match the toothbrush that belongs to yourself.

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